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~~As we live each day may we do our part to make one difference, to touch one heart, and through each day may it be our goal to encourage one mind and inspire one soul~~

At the end of Februari 2008 I vanished in silence... Not (much) respons from the ladies of the Soulsisters exept for the Flutterbies.....

The End

Februari 2008: Preparing to leave SS. Just finished signing in guestbooks. The memories where floating around when I sign my farewell wishes...
Regrets? No. Pain. Yes cause it was a wonderful group....
Days are counting.....
2008: Again I didnt get Anniversary pages... That hurts. Got some wonderful cards from my Flutterbies and from Lisa Marie:
I left celebrations cause there is not much activity here anymore in Soulsisters. Only my group Flutterbies makes me feel wanted and wonderful and they flutter on and the Secret Sisters are also alive...
October 2007. Ive got spoiled again. Theme Halloween. The Pages here
From my birthday 2007:
 Regina, I hope you have an awesome birthday. You do so much for others, it is time to enjoy a day dedicated just to you.

Love & Huggs

and from LisaMarie a gift which I will use as a Flutterby!

From my Secret Sister:
Hello Regina,
  My name is Secret Soul and I am honored to be your Soul Sisters Secret Sister for a while.  I will be dropping by your mailbox each day with  little surprises for you which I hope you will enjoy.  I have also created a special page which I will update each day, so please be sure to check it out.
  If there are any special types of adoptions/gifts you particularly like, or don't like, please let me know so that I will not disappoint you.
  I am attaching a couple of little goodies to get thing rolling.   The angel comes from:
  Hope you will enjoy our time together.  Here is the URL for your page:
Secret Soul

A card: With good wishes :-)

You received this email because someone at Soul Sisters felt that you deserved some spoiling from the Secret Sisters team!

Soul Sisters Webring
You are very welcome, Regina.  I am glad you like it.  Remember, keep checking back each day.  You never know when your Secret Soul has been by.  It could even be more than once a day.  :-)
Secret Soul

Hi Regina,

  Just wanted you to know that I have added your Thursday gifts to your page.  Hope you will enjoy them.  Have a great day.
Secret Soul


Hi Regina,
  It is a lovely Saturday morning and I have just updated your page with gifts for Friday and Saturday.  Have a great weekend.
Secret Soul

A Hug card Ive got


Hope you are having a wonderful day.
Secret Soul

Good Morning, Regina
Secret Soul stopping in this morning to let you know that I am thinking about you. Have a wonderful day.

Secret Soul

And more Gifties:


New Fluttermember badges

This I've received at the end of April 2007. Already 6 months being a Flutterby. I really love this.


Suddenly it changes. Anesthesia left Soulsisters and at first I thought it was a mistake but she really left.

I mailed to her and to Lynn the Soulsister Owner notwanted give up the Flutterbies. I know I am not a leader but I am now. (the first day of May 2007 I did sleep bad ~all the worries~ but now I am picking up and hope everyone is pleased by that.

The first sunday of May I just signed every Soulsister guestbook and that was great and fun!

So here I am, Flutterby Leader...